Best Travel Cribs Review

Best Travel Cribs Review

Travel cribs are an important investment for all parents. Bought to ensure the safety of their baby or young child while they travel. As there are so many on travel cribs on the market, it is wise to do your research before you purchase one.

Important Aspects to Consider When Choosing Travel Cribs

  • Folded Size –
    you want to choose a travel crib that is small and lightweight. Not only for storing in your car boot as you travel, but ensuring that it is easy to carry when you arrive at your destination.
  • Usability –
    it is important when looking at travel cribs that you find one that is easy to assemble. Also taking into consideration disassembling, and whether or not it is easy to keep clean.
  • Comfort –
    consider how comfortable your baby or young child will be while inside the travel crib. Whether sleeping or playing happily with their toys.
  • Age Range –
    travel cribs can be used for youngsters of various ages. So it is important to purchase one that suits the age of your child, for now and in the future.
  • Safety –
    check the manufacturers safety standards to ensure that the travel crib that you purchase if of the highest quality.

The Top 3 Travel Cribs By Customer Review Are:

  1. Baby Bjorns Travel Crib Light
    Baby Bjorns Travel Crib LightThis has become one of the most popular travel cribs with regard to its ease of assembly. There are no loose parts to attach, its legs folding and unfolding automatically. Weighing just 13lbs when it is encased in the bag that is provided, it is a lightweight yet durable material which is even machine washable for easy cleaning.
    Though the Baby Bjorns Travel Crib is recommended by the manufacturers for 0-3 years, they do state that there is no upper weight limit due to its stability.
  2. Lotus Travel Crib
    Lotus Travel CribThe Lotus Travel Crib is so small and lightweight, it can even be taken onboard as carry-on luggage. This particular travel crib has the added benefit of having multiple uses. It can become a playpen that can be placed either indoors or outside. Even as a bassinet if you are a parent with a young baby. A travel crib that is suitable for children aged between 0-3 years.
  3. Phil and Ted’s Portable Traveller Crib
    Phil and Ted’s Portable Traveller CribThis particular travel crib is a versatile option that many parents choose. You can allow your child to play, knowing that the structure is secure. Metal stakes are also included should you wish to take the travel crib outside. Suited to 0-3 years, the Phil and Ted’s Portable Traveller Crib is fully washable.

The Advantages of Travel Cribs:

  • Lightweight for ease of travel
  • Compact so that they don’t take up much space in your luggage or boot of your car
  • Travel cribs can also be used as a second crib around the home, and even as a safe play area for your child.

With their child’s safety in mind, parents who love to travel are including travel cribs as a must have on their list of things to take with them on their journey.

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