Choosing A Baby Hat For Winter

baby-560924_1280Winter always seems to be approaching and with it, the need for lots of baby accessories. In addition to the baby blanket mentioned previously, you are going to need a baby hat for winter.

Which baby hat?

After you decide you need one, there is the task of trying to find the best one for your budget! Hats can vary tremendously on price from a couple of dollars on ebay to a crazy high price in a baby boutique. What should you spend? Probably somewhere in the middle of that!

Other than size, you need to determine which hat will be warm enough. This will be different depending on where you live and how cold it gets. You may also need several hats if the temperatures can vary a lot or if you will be out at night time versus day time. Someone down south is going to need a much lighter hat than someone up north who may need a heavy duty winter hat!


I must admit I have a bias when it comes to winter hats – I love the home made ones on Etsy. You can find many designs, sizes and materials on here and you are sure to find something that is suitable for your conditions and taste. I love looking at all the designs. They are so cute!

Make your own

If you are crafty, then another option is to make your own. This is not difficult if you know what you are doing and a google or a visit to your local craft shop can help inspire you with many designs, colours and materials. It can also be fun to buy little extras to stitch onto the hat to make it a centrepiece of your child’s outfit.


You will have no problems finding a shop that sells baby hats. Simply go to wherever suits your budget whether that’s a fancy baby boutique or the local Ross store. You can also look at your local craft market where you may be able to pick up a beautiful bargain.

Final tip

My final tip is to not buy a winter hat too far in advance but wait until you need it. Babies can grow so quickly, so it’s best to buy it when winter starts.

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