Top Seven Breast Pumping Tips

Top Seven Breast Pumping Tips

Breast pumping is a way to express your milk so that it can be available to your baby at any time day or night. You can use a breast pump on an occasional basis, perhaps if you are going on a long journey. However, there are mothers who do breast pumping on a daily basis. It can be useful to those returning to work, and those who are having problems breast feeding. Sadly for some though, breast pumping doesn’t come to them easily.

Here are the top seven breast pumping tips that you may find useful if you are experience problems while trying to express your milk.

  1. Don’t scrimp

    If you have chosen to begin breast pumping, make sure that you invest in your equipment wisely. Especially if you are going to be breast pumping daily. Breast pumps can be manual, battery powered, or electric. It is important that you chose one that best suits your needs. Consider your breast pump as an investment. You want to be comfortable while breast pumping so that you produce more milk for your baby. Read more information on breast pumps types by clicking here

  2. Choose the best time of day for you

    Every new mother is different. Some find that they produce more milk breast pumping first thing in the morning. Others find that breast pumping during the evening after the baby is asleep a much better option for them. Experiment to find your optimum more information on how to produce more breast milk by visiting

  3. Organize a schedule

    For those mothers who need to do their breast pumping on a regular basis, having a schedule can make things easier. You will need to set aside fifteen to thirty minutes every two to three hours. Treat your breast pumping session like you would any other appointment.Top Seven Breast Pumping Tips

  4. Build up a supply

    No-one can predict what can happen during the day. So if you find that you have to miss a session of breast pumping, if you already have a supply ready there is no need to worry. Just by ensuring that you do your breast pumping regularly, will mean that you can have bottles to hand should they ever be needed.

  5. Can’t let down

    A mother’s natural response when nursing their baby is the release of oxytocin (the love hormone). This is triggered by the noise, smell and sight of the baby. Which in turn creates the let-down reaction, enabling mothers to produce milk. While breast pumping, a lot of mothers find it helpful to have photos of their babies around them. Maybe a piece of their clothing, or a soft toy with their scent on. This can help you to produce milk while breast pumping.

  6. Milk supply low

    When you are breast pumping, you are taking fluids from your own body. By not replacing these essential fluids, your milk supply will become less as you are dehydrated. By drinking plenty of fluids while breast pumping will help to prevent this from happening.

  7. Get organized

    The storage of your milk is important. Following each breast pumping session, make sure that you label the bottle with date and time. Then you can easily rotate them, with less chance of the milk going sour.

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