What to look for in a Onesie

pink-163499_1280It seems strange to think about now but before I had children, I didn’t know what a onesie was. I was confused when suddenly I kept hearing this item of clothing mentioned all the time as though everyone had millions of them.

Fast forward many years and I feel I have in depth knowledge of onesies, which are the best and what to look for. Hopefully this guide can help you pick a good one!

What is a onesie?

In case you are as confused as I was, I will explain what a onesie is. Basically a onesie is a “one piece” baby garment and is basically underwear for babies – see the photo. They can be known by other names but they are all  lightweight, one piece, undergarments that open easily at the bottom for when you need to change baby’s diaper.

The advantage of this over a regular singlet is that they don’t pull up exposing baby’s tummy.

What are the different types?

Basically onesies can come with different sleeve lengths. They can have no sleeves – for the summer months, t shirt sleeves or long sleeves for winter.

They also come in many patterns and colors from plain white to bright colors. Many people buy packages of white ones in bulk.

What brand should you buy?

There are many different brands of onesie and, in reality, many of the brands are actually manufactured by the same company. Different manufacturers can have quite different sizing so be sure that you are buying the right size. You can’t just rely on buying the previous one you bought that fits you baby.

The pricing can vary drastically depending on the brand you buy and where you buy it. Ones at Walmart can be half the price of a pricier stall for basically the same item.

What size should you buy?

Onesies usually come in the following sizes:

  • 0 – 3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-9 months
  • 9-12 months

Some brands also offer larger sizing. I recommend buying some of the smallest size before your baby is born then buying larger ones as you need them as it can be hard to judge how fast your baby will grow.

What are the difference between onesies?

You will notice that some feel softer. A softer one can seem beneficial, but keep in mind that they usually wear out faster.

Another difference is the leg openings and where the snaps are. Depending on your child’s size, these differences may not matter much but they may make a difference to how snug the onesie is on your child.

Final Tip

My final tip is to not over think it too much. Onesies are meant to be an undergarment after all! Find something that works for your budget and I am sure that it will end up suiting your child. I also suggest keeping away from the softest onesies. They feel nice but they do wear out quickly and baby items need to be washed a lot!

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